Städa, tvätta, diska, dansa

Dagens playlist:

Time is of essence - Cold Mailman
Train song - Feist & Ben Gibbard
Where you lead - Carole King
Clattering hooves - Jenny Wilson
Baby baby you're my baby - Herman Düne
MacGyver blues - My Little Pony
Heaven can wait - Charlotte Gainsbourg
End credits - Go Fandango
Daniel - Bat For Lashes
We're going out - Spearmint
Ice cream man - Monkey swallows the universe
Knotty pine - Dirty projectors & David Byrne
Monday monday monday - Tegan and Sara
We're so cool - Au Pairs
My best kiss - Herman Düne
Generation sex - The Divine Comedy
Baby love - Tiny Dancers
Forgive but not forget - Laleh

Foto: flickr Rosie Hardy


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